Wearing a pimple patch in public and other January things

The first few weeks of 2023 felt like non-stop Mondaysssss over here. 4th week in and I’m finally settling in.

I’m not currently committed to any gyms so I’ve been floating between community centres + home workouts. Sneaking in movement at home was great until my 1 minute rest breaks turned into many minutes of doing the dishes, replying to work emails or watching TV. 😆 (See how I sneak it in when I can’t focus on a full workout.)

I finally bought a pass to a gym I haven’t been to in YEARS and I forgot how much I love it there. It’s clean (each patron gets their own spray bottle and cloth 🙌🏼), spacious and I haven’t had to wait for the squat rack once!

Sharing a video of me getting back into barbell squats after many, many months of doing none, lol.

We’ve also been spending time on Pender Island.

We were at @livelyhood for HH and saw a musician’s incredible cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ (10 min version!). I didn’t get the name of the musician but he was so good!

Before this gets too long (too late 😆), I want to know what kind of January things you’ve been up to!

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