Book Review: LUNAR LOVE by Lauren Kung Jessen

Liv takes over the family business that was started by her grandma (PoPo)They find matches based on the Chinese zodiac. But when a new app based also on the Chinese zodiac threatens the business, Liv goes on a mission to prove the traditional approach is better. The app creator, Bennett, and Liv make a bet to see who’s approach is better at finding love – whoever falls in love loses.


Sweet, slowish burn romance with family and friendship themes. 💗💛

I loved Liv’s relationship with her family especially her PoPo. PoPo knew her better than anyone else and acted as the “guiding” character for Liv, encouraging her to allow herself love too…as much as her clients.
Love isn’t just about compatibility of the signs but also being open to love.

Cinnamon roll Bennett 👌🏼✨ Love him. He was sweet, endearing and he wasn’t afraid to challenge Liv. I wish we got his POV or even more of his story.

I loved Liv’s energy and drive to carry on the Lunar Love legacy. I found her a bit whiny at times and I didn’t love the ‘scheming’ parts but I came to realize it’s an key player in the development of B&L’s story.

I didn’t realize I would be learning so much about the Chinese zodiac, matchmaking and Chinese culture but it was really fun!

Get your copy here. For more bookish content head over to my Bookstagram account.

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