It sat empty for months, neglected, visible trails of rat AND bat poop 🤮, overgrown trees, inside hasn’t been touched since 1982….and it’s ours.

What were we thinking? 😆

Well, we weren’t thinking lol. I stepped into the house overlooking the lake and was immediately hit with all the memories that could be made there:

Waking up to the sun reflecting on the lake.

Wet bathing suits all summer long.

Sipping chilled wine while the girls jumped off the dock.

Lazy summer evenings with friends + fam around the wood fire.

Visits to the local bakery and cidery.

Mosquito bites (because it’s a lake 🤣).

To be transparent, I struggled with whether I wanted to share this part of our lives. Sharing reno adventures have always been fun for me but this is different. Sharing it came with social implications I can’t yet clearly describe, but it’s also an event that brings me happiness and gratitude. So I’m choosing to lean into that for now.

After we signed on the dotted line last fall, reality hit. Nothing inside the lakehouse has been touched since 1982! There was bound to be some surprises – and not all of them will be pretty. While we were still high from the initial excitement, overwhelm and anxiety also started to flood over.

So get ready for a ton of reno content! Demo has already begun and we are truly excited for what’s to come. 💛☀️

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