Meet R E G



I love writing. It has always been my first love. Then I started my career in kinesiology and it got put on the back burner. For awhile. In 2009, I started a blog while on maternity leave and Valeio was created.

v a l e o is latin for: being strong/powerful/influential/healthy

I envisioned a platform where parents and busy individuals could turn to for active living resources. I documented the bootcamps I ran during maternity leave, healthy recipes, as well as the importance of inclusivity amongst the fitness industry.

As my children grew and my career progressed, the blog evolved on a more personal level. I started self reflect further on what moving feels like for the body and mind. I also delved deeper on exercise adherence, specifically, how to make it stick and how to fall in love with it. Movement gradually became more therapeutic and a form of nourishment and that is empowering in itself. It has become my healthy integration into finding happy. I wanted this blog to become my safe place to freely express me. That is how came about.

I document my adventures as a kinesiologist, rekindle my old love for DIY and style and continue to find nourishment through movement, while integrating it all with motherhood, family and all the other curveballs that life decides to throw over. I currently live in the Metro Vancouver area with my hubs, J and two girls, Kate and Liv. ❤

PC: Jenn DiSpirito


Wine – any kind, I don’t discriminate
High intensity workouts
Crafts and DIY
Finding a deal – I almost never pay full price
Experimenting with style
Rearranging my home (every so often)
Mushrooms and crisp wild salmon
Roaming around HomeSense after work
I love English Literature, especially the works of
Emily Dickinson and Jane Austen
I have 2 degrees: English, Human Kinetics and a minor in Communication


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