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“I Wish She Didn’t Have Owies.”

It was Thursday night. We had just dropped K off at her soccer practice and I was driving home with Liv. I don't remember exactly how we got on the topic but she told me that last year she cried at the Remembrance Day assembly at her school. I asked her, "Were you feeling sad?"… Continue reading “I Wish She Didn’t Have Owies.”

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Shop And Shout for Influencers

Shop and shout is, "a social marketplace where you share shout-outs on social media – for products from local brands." I got involved with them a few months back and it gave me a chance to try out different products and services at no cost! With them connecting me to other brands, it exposed me… Continue reading Shop And Shout for Influencers

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The Conscious Family Organizer + Giveaway 

September is fast approaching and mamas know what that means: BACK-TO-SCHOOL. Each year, I tell myself that I will be that mom who is organized, plans ahead and never misses a beat. But instead, I feel like the hot mess mama, who just knocked over a 8,592 piece Lego creation and I need to put it back together before the 3 year old wakes up from her nap. 🤣 This year, I have teamed up with The Conscious Family Organizer to give away one of their beautiful organizers! It has become an invaluable tool to me and I am sure it will help you become a stress-free mama. Say goodbye to that hot mess mama! Head over to my Instagram @reglokv to enter!