fun: 21 Secrets Runners Won’t Tell You by BuzzFeed

21 Secrets Runners Won’t Tell You by BuzzFeed This post by BuzzFeed made me laugh out loud because 99% of them applied to me while training for the Scotiabank Half Marathon. ESPECIALLY: 3. Shoes really DO matter. 4. You lose half your weekend to long runs. 5. Running is boring as hell. You can have new music on [...]

r u n | First Half

r u n | First Half

I ran my first half marathon today. And it felt amazing! I've always admired runners because it was never something I enjoyed nor was it one of my many strengths (haha!); after a 10 minute run I would be what my brother called #tomatoface and huffing and puffing. I prefer HIIT or strength workouts. But I [...]


Ever have one of those nights where you think to yourself: "I will go try out a class tomorrow." Or, "I will hit the gym" and then not follow through? The biggest step into fitness is when that thought is turned into action: the second you step into the gym or jump into an activity [...]