IKEA HACK: Turning a Pendant Light to a Flush Mount

I have been eyeing the Ikea Sinnerlig pendant light for awhile but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to buy it for $100. Then I saw a very good condition one from FB Marketplace grabbed it right away for $40!

J went to install it one morning and realized that it was missing some hardware. Not sure if the seller forgot to give it to us or it didn’t come with any. Anyway, having a pendent light in the office could wreak havoc since we could be bumping our heads on it everytime we were in the room.

J had the creative idea to turn it into a flush mount!

office lighting fixture ikea hack

Here’s how we did it:

ikea hack sinnerlig lighting 3

The key is this nut here, It secures the sinnerlig shade to the existing ‘boob light’.

Then you attach the glass shade back on with the bolt (and any other pieces that your ‘boob light’ comes with.)

ikea hack sinnerlig lighting 4

Love how it turned out!

ikea hack sinnerlig lighting 5

Kind of obsessed with this office right now. I can’t wait to show you the BIG plans I have for that far wall. Or it could be a total flop. We will see! Haha!

6 thoughts on “IKEA HACK: Turning a Pendant Light to a Flush Mount

  1. I love how this turned out! Could you tell me how wide the opening at the top of the Sinnerlig light is (diameter)? Before I commit to trying this out myself, I wanted to make sure the opening would be large enough to fit our boob light. Thanks!

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    1. Hi! The opening is approximately 10.75” wide. However, it doesn’t go around the boob light – the shade hangs slightly below it so even if your boob light is a little wider than 10.75”, it should work. Hope that helps.


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