DIY | Alice In Wonderland Family Costume

Alice in Wonderland – such a great family costume if dressing up is your thing. (It definitely is for us! Haha.) Celebs have done this one too!

Here’s how I did it on a budget and totally EASY enough for any beginner.
(For more family costume ideas, check out this post.)


Only splurge in this family costume was Alice. We found a pale blue dress but K insisted it looked like a Dorothy dress (oh poop.). We found the costume at Value Village for about $30.


Cheshire Cat

We (Liv) found the striped cat scarf/hat thing at Value Village. It was actually brand new. Before we found that we considered a striped sweater but this was more spot on and the head piece saved me the trouble of making ears!

I sketched out the signature cat smile on some scrap paper and then outlined it with a Sharpie. Then I lightly applied some glued onto some thin cardstock so it wouldn’t budge while I cut it out. I applied more glue and then slipped a popsicle stick between the two sheets and voila! Took about 10 minutes.

Queen of Hearts

Now for J’s costume: Queen of Hearts. I had the girls help me with this one.

I purchased two large poster boards.

First, we used some giant stencils (I had from a previous project. I purchased them from Michaels.) to trace out the letter you want. We chose Ace. Since our stencils were a bubble style, the girls traced them out and then squared the corners off using a pencil. Then they filled them in using Sharpies. I drew a club in the centre.

Lastly I rounded the corners like actual playing cards.

Then I attached the poster boards together with twine with some extra slack so that they would lay across the shoulder and the cards would hang nicely in the front and back of the body.


I was the rabbit. I used this photo as my guide.

I had grey jeans and that was it. So I compromised. I had a furry white vest that worked well as rabbit fur. We also had rabbit ears from Easter ($ store) and a red bow tie (DIY from my Hello Kitty costume).

The only real DIY I had to do was the pocket watch. A real one would be too small to make an impact.

I traced a small soup bowl and drew out a rectangle connecting the two circles.

Then I sketched out the face of a clock and clock hands on scrap paper.

I used a ‘brad’ to attach the hands so that they would be moveable. You can also glue them down if you don’t have a brad but they won’t be moveable.


Next, I glued the clock face onto the cardboard.

Back to the cardboard. I folded at the area where the circle meets the rectangle to form a 3D shape. I found some gold coloured rope ribbon and tied the ends together to form a strap. I then inserted it in between the cardboard circles and then glued the top of the clock circles together. And that’s my pocket watch.


And it looks like this was our last family costume. (Cue tears.) My girls have both wanted to be separate things this year: K a unicorn and Liv a vampire (which was what she initially wanted last year as well). They tried to pitch the idea that we could do a mystical vs. evil kind of thing but I’m not sure. Maybe it’ll be fun to just be nothing this year.

UPDATE: Find out what we did for our costumes this year here: MYSTIC vs EVIL.

Do you and your family dress up together? What are your costumes this year?

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