why workout?




Why do I carve time for exercise?

It’s not to build a booty.
It’s not to work off that pizza I ate last night.
It’s not to fit into a dress for one event that nobody cares how I look in.

I used to say “I don’t have time to workout today” or “I’m too tired”.  



But, I don’t anymore because:

I appreciate my body.

I am grateful for my health.

Movement heals.

I love feeling powerful.

I love feeling confident in my own skin.

It strengthens my mind.

Outcome of all of these reasons? My body gets STRONG.



When the mindset changes, everything else just simply follows. And those physical reasons that motivated me to exercise initially, became so insignificant.

I appreciate what my body can do.


How has your motivation to exercise evolved over time?


2 thoughts on “why workout?

  1. Can it be possible that it just becomes part of us at some point if we do it enough times regularly or maybe it’s always been inherently in us but lies dormant until something (internal or external) gets us moving? I know I just don’t feel like myself without it.


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