Get Your Sweat on With a ‘Quarantine Workout’ #2

Another zero equipment home workout coming at ya! 

Maintain social distance during this fun and challenging workout that you can do in your backyard, balcony, living room, bedroom, front yard, bedroom, basement – basically ANYWHERE. Stay safe and get your sweat on, everyone!

Social Distancing Workout Circuit #2
45 seconds on 45 seconds off

  1. Mountain Climber (hands on floor or steps or on a chair that is leaned up against a wall)
  2. Step Up (use chair, bench or stairs)
  3. Glute Squeeze + Pulse
  4. Push Up
  5. Reverse Lunge + Knee Up
  6. Bear Crawl + Mini Push Up
  7. Jump Squat Front + Back
  8. Side Plank 

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