Full Body Hiit + Bonus LEG/GLUTE Circuit


Trained with two lovely mamas and Baby Max today. I love that we were all able to get an impromptu workout in despite a busy morning of school drop offs and pick ups and work. Proud of these mamas who put in some time for wellness 💜

6 hours later, I’m already sore! But it was a good one. Here’s what we did:

5 minute dynamic warm up around the gym

• jump lunge
• squat to press
• toe touches in V sit (x10/side)

• reverse cable flye with lateral lunge
• tricep cable pull down with weight shifting squat
• push up to bear crouch

• walking plank
• Spider-Man
• rolling side plank
• alternating hip dip

LOWER BODY CIRCUIT (this was spontaneous as we felt like killing our legs – haha)
• lunge with forward lean
• standing hip extension
• heavy deadlifts

This took us just slightly over an hour, pausing occasionally to goo goo ga ga wi
th a 3 month old. If you’re limited on time, pick one or two circuits and you’ll still get a good burn.

If you try it, let me know how it went and which circuits you chose. 🙂


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